Dave T – Electrical Contractor – Indiana

“Over the years we have found that being a smaller electrical contractor has had its advantages and disadvantages.  One of the advantages is that we have been able to developed close relationships with many different general contractors around the state by giving them hands on attention, but this has also proven to be a challenge especially when we see a quick increase in construction activity. One question we always struggle with is how we find the manpower to maintain a high level of service to all of our customers. This is where Commercial Trade Source has been a great asset for our company. All it takes is a call and you quickly provide us with talented hard working professional electricians.   Thanks for helping us grow and we will be calling again soon.”

Doug N – Mechanical Contractor – Indiana

“We have used CTS for several years now with great success. The skill level of the people they send out is always what we ask for. I really am impressed with the office personnel. They are always just a phone call away and ready to help. They are prompt with return calls and keeping me up to date on the status of people coming to my jobs. They are always my first choice to call for manpower that I need.” 

Jason G – Plumbing Contractor – Indiana

“CTS (Commercial Trade Source) is a great company, supported by great people and their customer service is at the top of the charts!  Their reliability and service is backed by their companies strong core values, upstanding ethics, and professional business model!  In an industry that revolves around manpower, it is nice to know that you can count on CTS to deliver manpower and the customer service to back it!”

Meghan C – Mechanical Contractor – Indiana

“We have been using Commercial Trade source to supplement our labor needs for several years now. CTS has been wonderful to work with and has provided with us with the labor force we need.”

Dave C – Electrical Contractor – Indiana

“CTS is always both very Professional and Responsive in working to provide additional staff to us”

Frank K – Electrical Contractor – Pennsylvania

“Commercial Trade Source has provided us with the most qualified electricians.  There is no comparison against other agencies!”

Tony M – Electrical Contractor – Ohio

“We have worked with CTS for several years now and are very pleased with the skilled labor they provide.  Their ability to interpret our needs through brief conversation and allocate the appropriate worker is what keeps them as being our first call when needs arise.” 

Dave S – Mechanical Contractor – Indiana

“I have utilized CTS for several years now.  They provide excellent customer service and always supply skilled labor workers. I have and will continue to recommend their services.” 

Kevin D – Electrical Contractor – Indiana

“CTS has people to do the job.  They have them trained & supplied with the right PPE to meet our standards.”

Dean M – Electrical Contractor – Indiana

“We have used CTS over 2 years. They have treated our company exceptional with the workmanship they have provided and been very considerate of the wages we can afford. I am always confident that we will be taken care of with just a phone call and would refer them to anyone to assist them with their needs.”