About Us

CTS is an award winning construction industry team

Founded in 2010 in Indianapolis, IN, Commercial Trade Source (CTS) was built on a foundation to change the “staffing” ideology by operating under the principles that relationships are built on trust, and partnerships are built on strong relationships. Based on these principles, CTS has quickly grown into the one of the leading construction industry companies in the U.S. with offices in Indiana, Florida and Pennsylvania. CTS is much more than a service provider, we are an extension of our contractor’s workforce. With a proven track record of providing only the top quality tradespeople across the United States, CTS has been recognized and awarded as a leader in the construction industry.

The CTS Commitment

CTS is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We are committed to providing the service and communication that is unmatched in the industry. This commitment is to ensure that we have a positive impact on your projects.  CTS understands the unique pressure of construction deadlines and budgetary constraints while trying to maintain a superior workforce. Using CTS assists in meeting those timelines and helps satisfy those workforce needs. That’s why we only hire the best tradespeople and will only send you qualified, well trained workers who will make a positive impact on your projects.

The Reasons Why CTS Is Different 

  • We have a highly credited track record of placing superior tradesmen across the country.
  • Our dedicated and experienced staff has managed construction labor for a combined 100 years.
  • CTS is known for providing quality tradespeople for all phases of the construction life-cycle.
  • We offer an 8 hour peace of mind guarantee on all our tradespeople.
  • 100% Drug Testing Policy of all of our employees.

The CTS Difference

Partnership – Our driven approach to our construction partners is unsurpassed.  CTS has not only been recognized by the Associated Builders & Contractors of Indiana/Kentucky with the prestigious Douglas Trolson Image Award, but our partners have placed a high degree of trust and credibility in CTS that is unmatched in the industry.  This partnership is the foundation of CTS, from the President to the laborer.

Our Employees – We are firmly grounded on the fact that our field personnel are the face of CTS.  It is with this understanding that we hold our employees to a very high standard.  Along with an industry leading benefits package, our field team is always treated with the dignity and respect they and their families deserve.  This dedication to them ensures they are ready to make a positive impact on your worksites on a daily basis.

Safety – In order to maintain accountability, CTS’s in-house safety program focuses on the consistent challenges our field personnel face in the industry.  Our training focuses on the protocol and adherence to industry safety standards, such as OSHA 10 that all our field personnel receive. Since safety is so vital in our industry, we strive to have the best safety record of any company. Our comprehensive safety training and awareness efforts enhance our daily work experience while controlling costs for our partners.

Merit Shop Philosophy –  CTS continues to strive to be one of the leading voices in promoting free enterprise within the construction industry.  CTS promotes this philosophy with membership in the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.  CTS is also members of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) in Indiana and Ohio.  Together we make the difference.  

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