Oil and Gas Workers

CTS oil and gas employees are comprised of different operators including derricks, roustabouts, service unit operators and rotary drill operators.

Derrick operator: Inspection of derricks before they are moved up or down, ensuring drilling fluid flows correctly, fixing any drilling fluid system pumps and problems, training and supervising crew staff and guiding pipe in and out of elevators.

Roustabouts: Responsible for keeping the work area and equipment clean, safe and free of debris, locating leaks with special electronic detectors, moving pipes to and from trucks either by hand or with motorized lifts and taking apart and repairing oil field parts and machinery.

Service unit operator: Maintaining wells, observing gauges and pressure indicators for variations, checking equipment for issues such as faulty operations, guiding cables through derrick pulleys, using pumps to circulate fluids through wells to get rid of any objects obstructing the oil flow and manipulating controls that lift derricks.

Rotary drill operator: Managing the maintenance of the drill rig and carrying out the well plan, training crewmembers on safety procedures and checking pressure gauges and operating levers. A rotary drill operator also includes keeping records of operations performed, equipment used and footage drilled and managing pump operations to ensure proper circulation of drilling fluids.

Drilling workers and service workers: Operating equipment used to drill the well through soil and rock formation as well as preparing the well for use. A service worker includes prepping the well and assembling the equipment that removes the oil or gas from the well.

Our oil and gas workers and come experienced and ready to take on your projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Indentify leaks through visual inspection
  • Repair pumps and machinery.
  • Maintain flow of drilling fluid
  • Align derrick elements and pipes
  • Inspect and repair engines and related equipment
  • Thread cables through required pulleys
  • Operate pumps and pressure gauges
  • Maintain safe and effective operations
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