The CTS Team

Commercial Trade Source is among the most prominent companies in the construction industry.

With more than 100+ years of combined experience, our team is focused on providing only the top tradespeople in the industry. This dedicated and tenured team of professionals epitomizes the customer service driven approach. With offices in Indiana, Florida and Pennsylvania, CTS has the proven ability provide quality tradespeople across the United States. 

CTS promotes the merit shop philosophy with sitting committee member of the ABC Apprentice Committee in Indiana/Kentucky, and an Executive Board member with the IEC in Indiana.  CTS is also members of the ABC in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, along with the IEC in Ohio.  Together we make the difference. 



Mark Geith – President

Rachel Geith – Vice President

Jerry Rasberry – Operations Director

Harry Bean – Safety & Education Director

Dawn Bianchi – Human Resources Director

Victoria Huebner – HR Assistant

Holly Rasberry – Accounts Receivable

Angie Triska – Accounts Receivable

Erica Denney – Payroll Specialist

Makenna Eisenhut – Payroll Specialist

Cheryl Benash – Administration

Schiller Eubanks – Administration

Cory Shields – IT Specialist


Karrie Geith – Business Development

Jennifer Sposato-Hassett – Business Development

Ronald Aguilera – Industry Recruiter

Miguel Alvarez – Industry Recruiter


Mike Brennan – Business Development

Ronn Manhollan – Industry Recruiter


Connie Durham – Business Development Manager

Paige Gidley – Business Development

Chelsea Huckaby – Business Development 

Greg Schnieders – Recruiting Personnel Manager

Scott McKown – Industry Recruiter

Rick Sierra – Industry Recruiter

Christian Tije – Industry Recruiter

Matt Warren – Industry Recruiter


Trevor Shaw – Florida Regional Director

Damaris Suarez – Business Development 

Victor Diaz – Industry Recruiter     

George Fahmi – Recruiting Operations Specialist


Emily Casteel – Business Development

Greg Richter – Business Development

Karoll Martinez – Industry Recruiter

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